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AVSystem Achieves Compliance with TP-469 for Enhanced USP Interoperability

AVSystem, a leader in automation solutions for connected device ecosystems, proudly announces its compliance with TP-469, the conformance test plan for USP (User Services Platform)/TR-369 controller. This significant achievement underscores AVSystem’s commitment to delivering high-quality, interoperable device management solutions in the telecommunications industry.


What is TP-469?

TP-469 is a comprehensive conformance test plan developed by the Broadband Forum to validate the implementations of the User Services Platform (USP) standard, known as TR-369. The test plan outlines the setup, procedures, and metrics required to ensure USP agents and controllers operate correctly and consistently within various network environments. Compliance with TP-469 is crucial for maintaining high standards, ensuring interoperability, and fostering market confidence in USP implementations.

AVSystem’s Compliance

AVSystem’s Unified Management Platform (UMP) has successfully met the requirements of TP-469. The UMP demonstrated full compliance in numerous test cases, ensuring robust performance and reliability. Key compliant areas include:

  • Messages and Path Names: Full compliance in handling unique key addressing, wildcard search paths, and search expression search paths.
  • General MTP and WebSocket Test Cases: Full compliance in establishing secure sessions and handling duplicate records.

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Benefits of Compliance

Compliance with TP-469 provides numerous benefits for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) using AVSystem’s UMP:

  • Easy onboarding of CPEs available in the market
  • Leveraging USP capabilities to the full extent (learn how: USP brochure)
  • Consistent and reliable device management across diverse network environments
  • Seamless integration with other USP-compliant devices and systems
  • High-quality services with advanced monitoring and management capabilities for superior customer experience

Moreover, CPE vendors can benefit from this compliance by utilizing UMP as a reference platform for USP integration.

Key Features of AVSystem’s UMP

The Unified Management Platform (UMP) is a system that combines a TR-069 ACS and a TR-369 (USP) controller. It can be used both on-premises and on the cloud. UMP is a versatile and scalable solution that can manage, monitor, and provision Customer Premises Equipment from any supplier and support all access technologies.

“We are thrilled to achieve TP-469 compliance, reinforcing our dedication to open standards and high-quality device management solutions. This milestone ensures that our Unified Management Platform continues to provide reliable and interoperable services to our customers,” said William Yan, Global CSP Sales Director at AVSystem.

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About AVSystem

AVSystem was founded in 2006 with a focus on providing automation solutions for connected device ecosystems. The CSP product portfolio covers end-to-end broadband services management, from service activation, through assurance, to in-home WiFi experience monitoring. With clients ranging from local internet service providers to multinational telco operators, utilizing all access technologies and multiple vendors, we know how much openness matters. Our goal is to create flexible and dynamic technology based on truly open standards: TR-069, TR-369, and LwM2M, accessible to everyone.

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