Service Assurance

Broadband Service Assurance Platform (BSAP) is a system for customer care and network operation centers (NOCs) that drastically reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) of telecommunications systems by using monitoring of the access network devices (OLT/CMTS/DSLAM/MSAN/eNodeB) and AI-driven fault prediction.

Act fast on network issues to deliver highest service level agreement (SLA) standards


In a complex network environment with a variety of vendors and device models, the customer care/NOC departments often don't have access to a single, unified view of network infrastructure. In the time-critical moments when an issue occurs, this lack of tooling delays root cause analysis which negatively impacts the end customer experience.

Broadband Service Assurance Platform

Use BSAP to integrate all your network devices via any protocol as well as any NMS/OSS/BSS systems. With all your data visualized in a single place you can find the root cause of a problem quicker than ever and confidently deliver on your high SLA guarantees to customers.


Act fast on network issues to deliver highest service level agreement (SLA) standards


Apart from finding the root cause of an issue, SOCs/NOCs need to manage the system complexity to make future interventions easier. Even after configuring NMS fault management, monitoring a vast number of late low-level alarms manually requires lots of time and focus.

Broadband Service Assurance Platform

BSAP uses automated device monitoring with trend analysis to identify predictable patterns in network faults and provide high-level key performance indicators (KPIs) dashboards for common service types such as DSL (with POTS), HFC (with MTA) or FTTH — and our AI-driven algorithm lets the system alert you before any issue even happens.

Cost reduction guarantee with personalized service assurance


Since each telecom system and network is complex in its unique way, it’s surprisingly hard to find off-the-shelf tools that work and even harder to integrate them with each other. And without the possibility to proactively solve major network issues and avoid downtime, it's extremely difficult to ensure customer satisfaction despite large customer care/NOC investments.

Broadband Service Assurance Platform

On top of the market-leading Broadband Service Assurance Platform you get access to integration services to perfectly fit the platform into your infrastructure landscape e.g. by creating dedicated BSS-driven metrics. This personalized integration reduces friction and speeds up the work of the customer care/NOC departments, which results in decreased operational costs along with customer-winning levels of service quality.

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less downtime
Less downtime

With the Coiote IoT Device Management platform, you get one protocol for any type of deployment, be it on-premise or in the cloud.

Cost savings

With IPSO Smart Objects, the LwM2M standard can quickly be tailored to answer the needs of any industry and ensure a successful application of your business operations.

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