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Heights Telecom & AVSystem Partner to Help Broadband Service Providers Improve Subscriber Experiences

AVSystem, a leader in telecommunication and broadband device management and service assurance solutions, and Heights Telecom, a pioneer in advanced CPE devices, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration integrates AVSystem’s remote CPE management and network diagnostics platforms (based on TR-069/TR-369 standards) with Heights Telecom’s top-tier CPE devices, including gateways, extenders, and business routers. Together, they aim to enhance operational efficiencies and customer experiences by enabling zero-touch provisioning, remote monitoring, upgrades and diagnostics, WiFi optimization, root cause analysis, and troubleshooting.

Driving Innovation in Device Management

AVSystem's range of products for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) will support Heights Telecom's current and future devices. This support will ensure smooth integration and management with AVSystem's ACS and WiFi service assurance solutions , enabling CSPs to benefit from efficient device activation, configuration, and improved monitoring. The partnership promotes open standards, including both TR-069 and TR-369 protocols, to future-proof device management for telecoms worldwide.

“AVSystem is excited to collaborate with Heights Telecom, a company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence in the telecom and broadband industry. By leveraging our Unified Device Management and Customer Experience Management Platforms, service providers gain an unprecedented level of efficiency in their service assurance. CSPs now have access to pre-integrated and pre-tested management capabilities that are implemented from CPEs to the network access layer. Root cause analysis and troubleshooting become significantly easier, bringing customer care to a new level”, said William Yan, Head of Global Sales at AVSystem.

“Heights Telecom is delighted to partner with AVSystem to deliver advanced in-home and business connectivity solutions. This collaboration highlights the importance of integrating top-class hardware and advanced software to create robust, open-standard ecosystems. Together, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction and drive operational efficiency for our CSP clients”, stated Christian Gabetta, Managing Director of Heights Telecom.

“Cablenet has successfully deployed and tested the ACS provisioning solution from AVSystem and the Home Gateways products from Heights Telecom. The partnership between the two companies and the seamless integration of their technologies has been key for Cablenet to be able to continue offering best-in-class services to our residential and business customers in Cyprus”, confirmed Michalis Hadjikyriacou, Technology Innovation Manager of Cablenet Communications Systems Ltd.

Benefits for Communication Service Providers

This partnership provides numerous benefits to CSPs, including:

  • Seamless Integration: Ensuring smooth communication between Heights’s CPE devices and AVSystem’s management solutions.
  • Future-Proofing: Supporting TR-069 and TR-369 protocols to accommodate evolving industry standards.
  • Enhanced Device Management: Zero-touch provisioning, remote upgrades, and mass management capabilities to streamline operations.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Advanced monitoring and management tools to optimize WiFi performance and reduce churn.
About AVSystem

AVSystem was founded in 2006 with a focus on providing automation solutions for connected device ecosystems. Although the company started by serving the telecommunications industry, it has since expanded its services to various sectors in over 60 countries. Catering to local internet service providers as well as multinational telco operators and enterprises, we develop top-notch solutions dedicated to telecommunications, WiFi VAS, and the rapidly growing Internet of Things. Our goal is to create flexible and dynamic technology based on open standards accessible to everyone. We not only follow the newest trends but also co-create them with other IT industry pioneers by actively participating in organizations such as the Broadband Forum.

About Heights Telecom

Founded in 1997, Heights Telecom is dedicated to providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions for both private and business consumers. Leveraging advanced technologies, the company develops and manufactures high-quality gateways and WiFi extenders. Heights Telecom's mission is to raise Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and reduce churn by integrating its unique software platform with its hardware offerings, creating an ecosystem of services that deliver superior internet experiences.

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