Why should you choose the Coiote platform?

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Build your IoT solutions

Build your IoT solutions on solid foundations

At the beginning of IoT projects, key decisions should be made about data management, type of communications, system security and how the solution is to be deployed. Often, IoT device management is overlooked or only firmware-over-the-air are considered. While FOTA updates are necessary to ensure that devices work as intended, to fix bugs or add new features, there are many more aspects of device management which become critical when scaling up.

Let us help you

Let us help you address IoT project challenges

What works for hundreds of devices may not for thousands, because at such a scale you tackle totally different problems.

With large-scale deployment, robust security, reliable connectivity, and compatibility between systems, software, and devices must all be ensured. A failure to do so leads to a lack of interoperability, vendor lock-in, security problems, and higher operating costs, all of which limit your ability to scale up an IoT project.

It also puts unnecessary pressure on the IoT operations teams responsible for maintaining the healthy status of IoT devices in the field.

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We decided to enable easier scaling up by:

  • delivering a solution based on the LwM2M standard addressing IoT device management challenges at large scale
  • sharing our experience from smaller and larger deployments
  • providing a scalable offer with features, technical support and costs adjusted to the current stage of the project

Why is AVSystem the best choice?

We are a technology company in practice and at heart. As developers we build solutions for developers.

We understand that IoT projects need stable, reliable partners for the long run. How do we ensure that?

  • AVSystem’s products are market-proven. We have cooperated with companies from a range of verticals, supporting both small and large deployments.
  • We currently have 200 employees onboard and we are constantly bootstrapping our way higher.
  • We have a clear vision for our product development: build easy-to-deploy solutions for today and for the future.
  • We also provide long-term, responsive support that you need to make your projects successful.

Let’s talk

Are you in the midst of prototyping your IoT project or facing challenges with scalable device monitoring? Share your progress with us, and our experts will guide you on leveraging the Coiote IoT Device Management Platform to easily overcome your business and technical hurdles. Whether you need a personalized demo to witness our capabilities in action or seek answers to crucial IoT questions, we're here to help.