WiFi for shopping malls

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Wi-Fi for shopping malls
Customer WiFi in shopping malls has become a must-have for shoppers. But it is just as indispensable for plaza owners and tenants. Learn how using our WiFi marketing platform Linkyfi in your shopping mall can help you grow your business.
Linkyfi – WiFi marketing platform

Tap into customer data to improve your business

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What you gain through leveraging guest WiFi management in your shopping malls

Linkyfi collects data about visitors’ dwell time, movement, visit frequency, and more in compliance with GDPR and other provisions. All this information can help you make better business decisions for your shopping mall.

What benefits WiFi in the shopping mall has for tenants

Extra advertising space

Create a WiFi network accessible through a captive portal using our graphic user journey editor. Easily design login and flow pages, manage access settings, and forms to capture visitor information. Users have various options for logging into your portal. Offer guests social media, email, Google or questionnaire login options and leverage two-factor authentication to ensure access is limited to guests who accept your conditions.

Targeted advertising opportunities

As visitors sign into your captive portal for internet access, they consent to share personal data in return. While you collect visitor age, gender, location along with engagement and retention rates, Linkyfi’s industry-leading machine learning algorithms get to work. They are designed to silently collect user behaviour insights for your use to elevate your location’s operational efficiency.

What customers get with free WiFi in the shopping mall

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Free Internet access

Thanks to virtually infinite login path possibilities, your customers can get limited Internet access for free or provide more information about themselves for extra access. You can also reward premium customers with better bandwidth or longer access.

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Better customer experience

With Linkyfi’s location-based indoor navigation your shopping mall can become that much more accessible and your customers will find the store they were looking for – or their car on the parking lot! – in no time.

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